Whom Does India need to the next P.M?

What is our wish,desire and need????

Do we need Hon.Modi or Mr.Rahul??

Do we need HOn.Modi or Mr.Rahul ?


  • Do we need HOn.Modi or Mr.Rahul and company?
  • Why do you think Modiji is the right person to be the P.M. again?
  • what has Modji done so far for Indian citizens?
  • What has he done for farmers and agriculture(because India is an agricultural country)?
  • What has he done to solve the river problems among States?
  • What has he done for linking the rivers?
  • What has he done for the soldiers who gave and are giving their lives in the borders and for their families?
  • What has he done for the fishermen who face many problems in the south?
  • Has he any kind attitude towards the South?
  • Is he really interested to help Tamil Nadu and the problems faced?
  • What is his idea about the black money eradication?
  • Tamil Nadu is missing the lioness Jayalalitha and Mr. Karuna Nidhi.
  • Has he anybody in mind who is as capable as Lioness or the Late.Mr.Karuna Nidhi?
  • What action does he propose to take to task of the leaders who swindle money of the masses?
  • Does he need only yes masters or result oriented action masters?
  • Will he kind enough to tell his followers and party men not to call another party leader any names or ridicule them?
  • Ask them to give respect and take respect and not bring any displeasure by words. deeds and action.