who needs to be protected?

  1. Are you a gullible person?
  2. Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action.
  3. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.
  4. Do you do hero worship?
  5. Do you really know the facts about him before you make him a hero?
  6. What about those film celebrities and film actors and sports ones recommending you to use the products/services they suggest?
  7. Do they really invest their money in such things?
  8. Do they really use in their day to day activities?
  9. Where to go if you have a problem in the product or service?
  10. Know what are tall claims?
  11. creams/fair skin, oil/shampoo dandruff removal. and stop hair fall, drinks that promises  taller, stronger and sharper, foods to reduce obesity,high returns in finance, educational institutions recognition etc.
  12. , Is there any recourse available? yes.
  13. Many laws are there to protect the consumer.
  14. you can have online redressal in the site of Department of consumer affairs or in the ASCI website.
  15. https://www.ascionline.org/

  16. Food safety act,.insurance IRDAI, telecom(TRAI) SEBI/RBI  (finance) Medical Council (health)Auto industry helmet, seat belt, use of mobile phone,.redressal available: 

  17. dept of consumer affairs.

  18. https://consumeraffairs.nic.in/home.aspx

  19. Cosumer prtotection bill 2018 to protect consumers and the celebrities to know the effects of False claims suggested.

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