Does  the mother need the child? or the child needs the mother?

who needs whom?

The employee needs the employment or the employment team needs the employee?

Does the world need you or you need the world?

Does the sea need the water or the water needs the sea?

Who needs whom?

Does the domain and hosting sellers need the clients or the clients need them???

Each one is dependent on one another.

No one can say I am independent.

Life is a cycle.

Grass is eaten by the herbivores, herbivores are eaten by Carnivores and some like us are omnivores.

So do your best wherever you are and if you can solve the problems or give suggestions Give, but do not ask them to send you a ticket or ask them to  see the link or watch the youtube and learn.

TECH.SUPPORT means real support on Chat 24/7/365.

either you do you job and EXCEL or do not put the clients in jeopardy.

Do the right thing first carefully and diligently

.If you do not know learn from colleagues.

Do not have any EGO.

Indians ,let them be Indians with more courtesy and consideration,as they were, as they are and as they will be.

We are not machines.Let the machines not rule us. They are there for our comfort and convenience.Let them not RULE us.

So who needs whom?

Think.ponder,understand and realise before it is too late.

Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.

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